About Carried Away:

My home and family have always been the most important things to me. As a wife and stay at home Mom to 3 children I believe sincerely in the idea that your home is your respite from the rest of the world. Its the place you are the most comfortable, the most understood, the most loved. Your home should be a reflection of who you are. I started Carried Away 18 years ago with a $2000 investment from my parents and a “I might as well give it a shot” attitude. I had no idea of what I was doing-but I knew what I liked and what I wanted for my family and I was willing to figure the rest out. I’m completely self taught. Lots of patience, tons of effort and all kinds of trial and error . Today my daughter Chloe and I are a team. We strive to select antique pieces that have a story to tell. We are attracted to imperfection and enduring style. Our upholstery is all done by hand, stitch by stitch, with only antique linens and recycled cottons. We sell only what we would have in our own home.

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